HHP response to press coverage

We are very pleased about the wide press coverage that we have been receiving. We are especially pleased to see that important mental health issues are being discussed and new dialogues are being opened up given that the topic of mental health has not necessarily been a priority of focus.

However, we wish to correct a number of misrepresentations in the press.

  • We have never suggested that hip-hop music can be 'a cure' or an 'alternative treatment'  for mental health problems.
  • We strongly encourage people to read our mission statement as reported in Lancet Psychiatry. HIP HOP PSYCH is not a study, we are a movement with multiple aims, and we are not just focusing on refining psychotherapies.
    Download Lancet Psychiatry PDF
  • We have never suggested that lyrics from The Message (Grand Master Flash) can be used as a therapeutic tool to help people with mental health problems improve their health. While we have covered songs such as The Message, we use such lyrics to discuss mental health issues rather than using them for treatment. There are particular tracks, such as "All The Above" by Maino, "Keep Your Head Up" by Tupac Shakur and "Celebrate" by Mack Maine ft Talib Kweli and Lil Wayne, which link more closely with building resilience, which we will be covering at our anti-stigma campaigning events.
  • We wish to make it clear that we appreciate all genres of hip-hop, and not just commercially successful artists. We use more than just one genre of hip-hop for teaching and engagement for public health debate, not just 'gangster rap'.

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